[PD] [Gem] fade using single buffer mode.

puredata at yesyesnono.co.uk puredata at yesyesnono.co.uk
Tue Aug 30 19:04:50 CEST 2005

Ben, Thanks for your quick answer

>If I understand you right what
> your looking for is a clearmode with the ability to alter the opacity of
> the clear? 
Yes, that's what I meant.

>I have suggested this on gem-dev so if you also want it feel
> free to chime in.
Great! That would be a Wonderful option to see implemented!

> "clear 1" would be "normal" clean with 100% opacity, and clear 0.01
> would be 1% opacity to make a slow "fading" clear, that is once you turn
> off the gemheads so only the old buffer remains... well the interface
> would be something like that, I think the alpha value is part of the
> "color" selector anyhow...
It makes lots of sense to me.

But to see the single buffer mode to disapear from Gem,
does that mean we will have to render all the geos we want to
display at each frame? I think in the case when accumulating
a large number of geos. buffer 1 is very usefull in this kind of situation.

Many thanks.


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