[PD] os x.4

martin pichlmair pi at attacksyour.net
Tue Aug 30 19:50:18 CEST 2005

hi list,

comes a bit late but still:

> 2. Are there any background processes I should shut down in order  
> to get better audio performance?

yes: macosxhints and other sites offer how-tos for shutting down  
dashboard and even spotlight. both consume a lot of cpu and worst of  
all: they generate peaks in cpu usage. the other important thing is  
to quit mail.

> 3. Maybe this one's for a Mac list, but... My initial attempt at  
> upgrading failed part way through due to unspecified errors.  A  
> second attempt went fine, even though it looks like 10.4 was half  
> installed (Dashboard was showing etc).  Is a clean install in order?

it is absolutely recommended to do a clean reinstall and not a delta  
upgrade. importing the old user worked nearly perfect for me.


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