[PD] $1 routing

pd pd at mild.ch
Tue Aug 30 23:01:05 CEST 2005

hi chuckk

> I pack a float and two symbols, and route the symbols according to the 
> float.  The first symbol disappears.

If I'm understanding it correctly :
[1 a b c(
[route 1 2 3]
-after the route it's not a list anymore . subpatch [pd prepend-list] 
(uses zexy) does the job

an other solution would be unpack s s s

> I tried inserting [symbol] before each $ message, and the second 
> symbol disappears.  What am I missing?

it's working fine if you just use floats so I suppose that's all about 
mixing floats and symbols with route issue

hope I could help


see attachment

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