Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Wed Aug 31 13:38:48 CEST 2005

Dear PD-community!

PDradio is a self-regulating internet radio station for the PD-community 
(and is of course build with PD ;).
Upload your PD-related music, vote for songs, listen to the automatic 
radio moderator ...

The link: http://pdradio.iem.at

Please feel free to upload your music and participate!

We hope you have fun with it,


PD Webradio is a self-regulating internet radio station for the 
Registered users can upload PD-related music and share them with the 

Because we didn't want to compile the radio program all the time we 
build an automatic radio DJ.
All user can vote for a song they would like to hear and the DJ will 
generate a playlist according to all votes.

Additionally there is an automatic radio moderator, who speaks a little 
bit about the songs (metadata which can be uploaded together with the 
music) and maybe is joking somtimes ...

PD-webradio is running on a Linux Server with Zope/Plone.
The audio streaming, speech synthesis, radio-moderator, DJ, ... is 
implemented in PD and Python for the communication to plone.

If you want to listen to the PDradio, vote for songs or you have music 
related to PD and want to share it - follow the link:

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