[PD] os x.4

Trond Lossius lossius at bek.no
Thu Sep 1 09:07:30 CEST 2005

>>> 2. Are there any background processes I should shut down in order to
>>> get better audio performance?
>> yes: macosxhints and other sites offer how-tos for shutting down
>> dashboard and even spotlight. both consume a lot of cpu and worst of
>> all: they generate peaks in cpu usage. the other important thing  
>> is to
>> quit mail.

When I installed OSX 10.4 one of the standard widgets, ToDo Tracker,  
seemed to have a serious memory leak. Having run for 2 days doing  
basically nothing, it had chewed more than 2 Gb of virtual memory.  
Checking the Console Log it seemed that it was in debug state,  
creating huge logs about nothing. Throwing that one out, made a huge  
difference. I now find Tiger to be faster than 10.3, but I'm not sure  
if the real reason is the OS upgrade or rather that i freed a lot  
more space on the hard drive while doing the upgrade. I suspect that  
i previously had that little free space left that virtual memory  
handling became inefficient.


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