[PD] gem text3d bug?

Anders Friberg andersf at speech.kth.se
Thu Sep 1 18:09:58 CEST 2005

Hi list,
I have been trying to use the text3d object in gem for some time. The 
problem is that the text sometimes is not rendered and sometimes it 
appears automatically in the middle position without any command given.
It is easily reproduced by running the 
<cid:part1.07090203.06090007 at speech.kth.se> file in the gem documentation.
The first time the gem window is created and turned on the text appears 
immediately without clicking the "1" message box (this is maybe correct 
However, if the gem window is destroyed and then recreated there is no 
way to get the text displayed again.
Maybe I misunderstood something but it looks to me that it is a bug.
I am using windows pd extended 0.37.1 with gem 0.90.1
The same problem occurred also with older gem versions on different 
Grateful for any advice

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