[PD] cross-platform font compatibility

Matthias Blau blau_m at web.de
Fri Sep 2 11:29:04 CEST 2005

Hi list,

does anybody know a way to at least loosely ensure cross-platform
compatibility of the fonts used both for pd objects/messages/comments
and for guis as well?

I frequently see that patches put together in linux look ugly (sometimes
unreadable) in win.
Concerning the pd main font, it usually is smaller in Win than in linux.
When changed from 10 to 12, it becomes bigger than in linux. The gui
fonts (I mainly use helvetica) must be made smaller in win (compared to
linux) in order to get a compatible look.

I think that one of the main advantages of pd is that it is rather
platform-independnet, so a solution would really help here.

Thanks, Matthias

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