[PD] launching pd from python

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 17:44:09 CEST 2005

james tittle(e)k dio:
> On Sep 1, 2005, at 12:38 PM, altern wrote:
>> nico(e)k dio:
>>> try with
>>> pdexc = os.path.join(execdir, "/Pd-0.38-4-extended-RC1.app/ 
>>> Contents/Resources/bin/pd")
>> i have been looking into it better and it looks like pd is kind of  open.
>> check attached screenshot.
>> the terminal top command sais there is a process called pd running
>> look at the two windows open on the left, one is a console and the  
>> small one is audio.pd which is the name of the file i am trying to  
>> open in pd. Looks like it doesnt fully get opened or something like  
>> that.
>> maybe it would be easier to do a shell script to open both pd and  
>> python.
> ...I don't know much about python, but from your screenshot, I can  see 
> a "Pd" process in 'top', but no "pd" process:  this has to do  with the 
> version of pd you are trying to use..."Pd" in this case is  just the 
> Wish Shell.app binary under a different name, so you are not  actually 
> opening pd proper...

oook, i understand. It is pretty bizarre.

> ...my suggestion would be to use a "traditional" or "normal" version  of 
> the command line version of pd, which would at least reduce the  number 
> of variables you're dealing with...get that working, then try  it with 
> the app_pkg version...
> l8r,
> jamie

yes this would make it definitely easier but i need to be able to 
package everything into a directory containing the python modules and 
libraries, PD and the pd patch. I need to ble able to drag and drop it 
anywhere and run all just by clicking the main package.



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