[PD] granular problem

pun chik punchik at fastmail.fm
Sat Sep 3 05:46:29 CEST 2005

i just deleted all the unnecessary gui elements in all my complex
patches and now they run really fast!!
thanks frank!, now i love pd again!!!!!!!


On Sat, 3 Sep 2005 00:43:00 +0200, "Frank Barknecht" <fbar at footils.org>
> Hallo,
> pun chik hat gesagt: // pun chik wrote:
> > hi, im trying to make a granular synthesis patch.... but i dont know why
> > the patch consumes almost all of my cpu...and im just using 10 grains!!
> > 
> > do u experience the same?
> > do anybody have any hint?
> You are using many many GUI objects in places where they are not
> needed at all, except maybe for debugging. Pd however has to update
> and check all these objects which costs time. Newer Pd-versions aren't
> as bad anymore as older ones with this, but still I'm sure you can get
> a much better performance out of your patch, if you go through it and
> remove all unnecessary numbers and GUI bangs.
> If you want to see a number somewhere, say after a float, and you
> might not need that number later on, then don't make a connection
> *through* the number, but "fork" a connection to the number, and
> remove the number later. So this is bad: 
>   [r something]
>   |__
>   [0_\  <== number
>   |
>   [s somewhere]
> but this is okay:
>   [r something]
>   |  \__
>   |  [0_\ <== number
>   |
>   [s somewhere]
> because in the second version, you can delete the number or disconnect
> it without breaking your patch and it will save a bit CPU power. 
> At some places in your patch you also misuse number objects as
> receivers - that is, you have a hidden receive inside a number, but
> the number itself is hidden somewhere deeply, so it's obviously not
> necessary, to use a number object at all here. Replace this with a
> real receiver like [r something] and you will save CPU again. 
> Then you also tend to use too many graphical bangs, where a normal [t
> b] object would be more than enough and even more appropriate.
> Banging GUI bangs very often will cost precious CPU time. Just say no
> to the GUI bang! 
> So the general rule would be: Use the GUI elements only there, where
> you need them, either for visual feedback or for value input. Remove
> or disconnect them everywhere else. I guess, you will get an immense
> performance boost by this if you had many GUI objects in your patch.
> Other than that I couldn't spot anything obvious at my quick look at
> your patch which could be responsible for the rather high load it
> generates, so I'm really sure it is the GUI object "abuse". ;)
> Ciao
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