[PD] libflext.a and pool

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Sat Sep 3 22:35:57 CEST 2005

Hi David,
the reason is that the makefiles of the packaged version of pool are 
dependent on flext version < 0.5.0 .
I'm working on a new release, in the meantime you could either use the 
cvs version of pool, or put the attached package.txt file into the pool 
folder and compile with the flext 0.5.0 build system.

all the best,

David NG McCallum schrieb:

>All and Thomas,
>I'm trying to compile pool from CVS. I've compiled flext from CVS and
>from Thomas' website.
>Trying to compile pool it tells me that it can't find libflext.a
>As far as I can tell, flext 0.5.0 doesn't create a file called
>libflext.a. Although I *did* find reference to one from an older version
>of flext installed by the CCRMA packages.
>Am I wrong? What's going on?
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