[PD] proposal: segmented patch cords

federico xaero at inwind.it
Sun Sep 4 16:48:59 CEST 2005

thinking about the old discussion about segmented patch cords... i  was 
analyzing my mode of operating with pd: often i make [+ 0] or [*~ 1] 
object just to facilitate patching, or to keep cords tidy.

i think when pd finds such object, it can just represent it with a 
smaller box, to indicate it is just a thru box, a "node", a dot, or so.

it think this wouldn't compromise anything... which other appliance 
could have a [*~ 1] object, or a [+ 0] or [* 1] without wires on the 
right inlet? ;)

does this sound like to have any sense? (esxuse me for my poor english)


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