[PD] os x pd restart shellscript

rainer kohlberger rainer at kohlberger.net
Mon Sep 5 02:27:02 CEST 2005

On Sep 5, 2005, at 1:02, federico wrote:

>> my *nix-experience is long ago + running out of time, so: has  
>> someone  of you made a shellscript running on OS X, that  
>> recognizes if Pd is  still runnig (with ps -cx | grep "pd" ?) and  
>> if it is not, restart Pd?
> you can try:
> $ PDBIN=/usr/bin/pd ; pgrep $PDBIN &>/dev/null || $PDBIN

but: -is there a more os x-specific script, because pgrep is not  
available on os x, although bsd subsystem is installed. to compile  
'proctools 0.4', that provides pgrep for os x, 'bsdmake' is  
necessary, which assumes that xcode is installed. after all, it would  
consume to much of my time just to get pgrep.

another thing: how to run this script continuously every 15sec? the  
pd-'metro' object would be cool for this..

sorry for posting offtopic, but this is really important and i can't  
find anything on the web.

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