[PD] [feature request] argument for open-msg

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Mon Sep 5 23:16:29 CEST 2005


when you open a patch by msg like [; pd open mypatch.pd .( 
. is the directory, where pd was started from.
but when you read a file with [soundfiler] or [textfile], 
. is the directory where the patch is saved. 
why this difference?

it is no problem to share a patch with soundfiles, if you share 
the whole directory, containing the patch and the soundfiles, if
you specify the soundfiles relatively. 
but if you share a patch, that opens other patches by msgs, you
need to specify the path (in a msg or in an external textfile) 
of the main-directory in order to have all things work correctly.
i'd propose to add an argument to the open-msg:
[; pd open mypatch.pd . 1( 
opens the mypatch.pd relatively to the patch where this msg is in.

0 : takes the pd start location as root (in order to keep compatibility)
1 : takes the patch-root

or is there another solution for this problem?



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