[PD] Symbol editing, date and time questions

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Wed Sep 7 01:50:56 CEST 2005

hi chuckk

"Chuckk Hubbard" wrote:

> First, is it possible to edit a symbol, like delete 2 characters from
> end and add 3 others in their place? I'm currently saving each score
as 2
> files, with different extensions. I can do it fine with a "read"
> but was kind of wishing to allow an openpanel.

this is possible with [symbol2list] from zexy. just send a [symbol( to
the right inlet. if you then send a 'symbol dog' to its left inlet,
you'll get 'list d o g'. with [repack 1] (also from zexy) you can make
'symbol d', 'symbol o' and 'symbol g' out of it.

> 2nd, I was considering embedding an authorship message (I know some
> characters who I don't trust), and wondered if it was possible to have
> query the computer's date automatically? Not a big deal, but I'm

[date] (zexy again)

>  Thanks.
> Chuckk

you're welcome



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