[PD] .pdrc & others librairies script integration

juto aviten periclite at free.fr
Thu Sep 8 11:07:00 CEST 2005

>true, but well++, I wanted to stress this point: If you're
>preconfiguring a package as a distribution maker, you should not load
>every single external as a lib, but just set the path. If a user wants
>to preload a single object using -lib, this is some personal
>preference but should not be done by the distribution. IMHO.
Yes that's the point we are actually debate... so if you want to include 
in the path librairies like unauthorized, ext13, cyclone...etc which 
have a binaries (externals?) for each objects include in the lib... and 
that you want to create a script where people choose the externals/lib 
available to include in the pdsettings ;-) , how you do that?  do you 
include that in a path like /usr/lib/pd/externals/ext13 ...etc and then 
-lib ext13 but then it don't load all the binaries of the lib 
(externals?)... .
The script is made like this :
it go to find librairies in a path like this one /usr/lib/pd/externals 
and then upload to a graphic window and let's people choose which lib 
they want to include in their pdsettings... but for maxlib, 
percolate...no problem because they have one binary for all the objects 
in the lib... but for others lib the script show all the objects of the 
lib and then the script write the path & -lib tata (name of the 
binary.externals) including -lib alltheobjectsofthislib... if you guys 
have some ideas...


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