[PD] .pdrc & others librairies script integration

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Sep 8 09:57:00 CEST 2005

juto aviten hat gesagt: // juto aviten wrote:

> Yes that's the point we are actually debate... so if you want to include 
> in the path librairies like unauthorized, ext13, cyclone...etc which 
> have a binaries (externals?) for each objects include in the lib... and 
> that you want to create a script where people choose the externals/lib 
> available to include in the pdsettings ;-) , how you do that?  do you 
> include that in a path like /usr/lib/pd/externals/ext13 ...etc and then 
> -lib ext13 but then it don't load all the binaries of the lib 
> (externals?)... .

The solution is: Don't use libraries at all, where not necessary! I
lined out a way to achieve this in my first mail: use scons. That way,
you don't get ext13.pd_linux, but all externals, that would be bundled
into the ext13 library, became single externals instead. This way you
don't need to use "-lib ext13" at all, while users would still have
all ext13 objects available.

This works for most libraries except a few like iemmatrix or bigger
ones like Gem. There are only about half a dozen libraries, which
cannot be build (resonably) as single externals. 

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