[PD] limit in print

Piotr Majdak piotr at majdak.com
Thu Sep 8 16:50:25 CEST 2005

zmoelnig at iem.at wrote:

> oh does it ?
> i think that's the 3rd time in the last week i am writing to pd-related lists
> (once to gem-dev, one to pd-list (or was it pd-dev ??) about this very behaviour
> of [print].

I found:


"there is definitely i limit in [print];
there might be a limit in the symbol-length but i never found one (the 
symbol i ever made was some 20.000 chars long)"

The bug/feature I found concerns symbol lists, where the second symbol 
is cut if it exceeds appr. 100 characters. Thus, I didn't see any link 
to your comment about a limit of 20.000 chars and my bug report.

>>Is this a feature, a bug, is it documented, why not cut the first symbol
> i think none of them (i guess it's a safety check against locking the connection
> between pd and pd-gui; so that would be a feature if you have stability in mind;
> for most others it might appear a bug)

OK. I think, this behaviour should be mentioned in print-help.pd. What 
is the right branch to check-in this kind of changes? (I've never 
contributed to pd CVS)

br, Piotr

PS: @Hannes: sorry being unsubscribed to gem-dev and pd-dev lists. I'm 
sure you contribute to any many other discussions which I neither read 
nor understand. I'm just a pd user and I know it - there's no need to 
remind me about that...

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