[PD] event sequencer

federico xaero at inwind.it
Thu Sep 8 23:32:45 CEST 2005

Frank Barknecht ha scritto:

>inside the sequencer and follow its logic, to find out which sends are
>taken. IMO (and I lined out reasons for this in my RRADical paper)
>"libraries" of abstractions should not use global sends at all.
>But probably you don't really intend to provide this as a "library",
>right? However for Memento this was an important guideline while
>designing it and it is responsible for some decisions, which might
>seem a bit too complicated at first.
just installed rradical patches....
in detail, i am interested in memento/state saving, but can't get the 
restore function to work :(

I created a careGUI, an originator /p1 $0 and some commun /foo $0.
if I select file, save, then hit print, correct values are sown:
/p1 0 , /slider2 , 25
/p1 0 , /slider1 , 46
and stored in the file:
$ cat rrad.txt
 , ,
"/p1" , ,
"/p1" 0 , "/slider2" , 25
"/p1" 0 , "/slider1" , 46
but when I hit restore, sliders don't change their value.
can you tell me why?
in the pd console there are no more error messages, so I guess all the 
dependencies (OSCroute OSCx pool etcetera) are solved.
I also tried messing with substates, but slider don't receive restored 
values :-S


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