multiimage not sequencial //WAS: Re: [PD] [Gem] how to optimize alphablending?

Alexandre Quessy listes at
Sat Sep 10 15:56:31 CEST 2005

It seems faster with [colorRGB] than with [pix_alpha]. Good. Now, could 
we load only the images that actually are in the folder ? Fo instance :


Maybe the best way to create such a slideshow would be to use 
[pix_image] instead of [pix_multiimage] ?
What would be more efficient ?

Alexandre Quessy

Le 05-08-28, à 12:56, chris clepper a écrit :

> The pix_alpha objects can probably be removed and replaced by 
> [colorRGB 1 1 1 1] after pix_texture.  The last inlet of that object 
> controls alpha for the geometry after it.
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