[PD] re: Loading soundfiles

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Sat Sep 10 20:00:25 CEST 2005

> there was a threaded soundfiler, but the author got fed up after
> rewriting it twice to keep up with changes in pd's core.. i think if
> you checkout devel_0_37 branch from CVS you will get it. i remmeber
> it working pretty nice on linux and windows...
ok ... i rewrote it again for devel_0_39 ... not completely, but at
least one is able to read soundfiles ...

- reads better than pd's soundfiler (not's easy)
- more formats (thanks to libsndfile)

- doesn't (and will probably never work with vanilla pd), since vanilla
pd doesn't implement 1) lockfree fifos, 2) idle callbacks
- reads only (writing should be easy to implement, i just don't need it
for myself)
- has to take care of pd's design fault, i.e. the dsp graph has to be
resorted, when the location of the array in memory changes the more
complex the patches are ... the worse it gets ... 
- no fancy -resize or -nframes options
- uses libsndfile, so it won't work, without this library
- it's an external using private headers, so it won't work with other
versions of pd

in cvs: externals/tb/sndfiler
no binaries, source only ...


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