[PD] GEM pix_dv

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Sep 11 17:20:31 CEST 2005

Christian Veit wrote:
> Hallo,
>>so you are on debian ?
> Kubuntu.

well, this is basically debian.

>>basically, for each package that is needed by Gem you also have to
>>install the dev-package (since you are compiling)
> Ok i've installed all packages which are needed by Gem but there is a
> Problem with dv1394.h file. The Compiler doesn't find it. So i've tried to
> ./configure the makefile with –includedir=/usr/src/linux/drivers/ieee1394
> the header file is there... My Question is now: how can i reset  the
> makefile,that the compiler knows the new directory??

ok; this is a problem due to a change in packaging of libdv-dev (after
gem-0.90 was released)

there are 2 possibilities:
1) checkout the latest CVS-version of Gem; this has been adapted to
newer packages
2) tweak your makefiles, e.g. by editing it or using configure; you will
then have to do a "make clean; make" (probably _not_ "make distclean")

the CVS-version of Gem also has a rewritten build system (now in src/
instead of src/Gnu/) which handles changes in dependencies correctly.


> LG
> Christian

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