[PD] Dumb (?) [ctlin] question

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Sep 14 21:11:56 CEST 2005

Urs Liska hat gesagt: // Urs Liska wrote:

> I'm feeling a little bit dumb, but is it really not possible to restrict 
> the output of [ctlin] to input from a specific channel (but all CC#s)?
> As far as I can see it is only possible to filter by a CC number (on all 
> channels) or a channel _and_ a CC number.

You're right, it is not possible. Reason is, that [ctlin] uses
positional arguments and the first argument always is the CC number,
while the second is the midi channel.

I see two ways out, if ctlin should change: 

One is keyword arguments or attributes as made popular by flext
externals. Then it could look like this [ctlin @chan=7 @cc=3] and you
could exchange @chan and @cc. 

The other solution would be a wildcard as in using [ctlin * 10] to get
all controllers from midi channel 10. 

For simplicity I'd prefer the second solution actually. It could also
be used for [ctlout]

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