[PD] Closing patches via pd message

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Wed Sep 14 22:52:40 CEST 2005

Miller Puckette wrote:

>Well, there are two problems... first, in a performance you'd sure like
>some way to avoid closing patches by accident, even if they're clean.  
If this happens by accidentally hitting the close box or ctrl-w, perhaps 
a configurable way of enabling/disabling the close box and ctrl-w.

In pd.tk you have this to intercept the close box:
    wm protocol $name WM_DELETE_WINDOW [concat menu_close $name]
and this to intercept Ctrl-W:
        if {$key == "w" || $key == "W"} {menu_close $topname}

..so probably both these bindings could be made conditional on some 
user-settable flag.

>Second, it's possible to make a long audio recording into an array (for 
>example) without making the patch know it's "dirty".
I notice there is a  gl_dirty 'dirty' flag that gets tested in 
canvas_menuclose (at least in pd 038), I would guess that it could be 
set whenever _anything_ important has changed in the patch...

>I think the proper default behavior is the most careful one (the way it is
I think asking if you want to save a help patch is both annoying and 
dangerous, since you might have accidentally changed the help patch 
which is usually not what you want
Help patches should probably be read-only.

>but am not sure how to allow or encourage the user to override this,
>whether it should be selectively for individual patches, or as a global
>override, or even some combination of both.
Possibly a checkbox on the main pd window near the 'compute audio' 
checkbox that would globally enable/disable the warning dialogs.


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