[PD] repeated subpatches

etienne deleflie et at lalila.net
Thu Sep 15 09:30:34 CEST 2005

>no pd doesn't do something like that. abstractions need to be available
>as separate files to be reusable.
>however, i remember miller has mentioned that he plans to allow
>(reusable) abstractions inside the main-patch.
>however, this has been a year ago, and it seems to not have made any
>(but probably he has just forgotten it, so your mail might remind him
>and it could get implemented for 0.40 :-))
(Miller? .... hello Miller?)
Personally, I would find this very useful ...(maybe I am alone)..  
because often, one has to create external *.pd files which will only 
ever get used inside the 1 main patch....  this means:

1) extra files on the filesystem (for no extra functionality)
2) more difficult to distribute
3) potential name confusion with other externalised patches (ok, that's 
minor.. but it _has_ happened to me)


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