[PD] mp3cast~ (once again sorry)

clemos cl3mos at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 15:47:00 CEST 2005

the thing is becoming <off topic> but :
I do use linux more and more often, and actually really love it.
yet I still use windows for two main reasons :
- I'm a Flash developper (and I know it's really really evil, but it's
a thing I do well enough to earn money...)
- I do use windows during performances, because my (video)work deals
with glitch and the corpo-entertainment clichés, and thus uses
massively the M$ aesthetic. the goal is more or less to crash windows
in a "nice" graphical way while a friend of mine produces audio
(-third reason: I do use MS systems since Basic 1.0 when I was 8, so
that I'm quite "used" to them)

the project for which I wanted to use mp3cast~ uses Flash and Flash
Communication Server (oooooh god!... but FCS is installed on a linux
box...), I just have three days left to setup all the stuff, and don't
have time (and am not expert enough) to setup a linux system for that,
with all the problems I could meet, and all the time I should spend
reading docs to solve them... moreover the artists for which I'm
working don't know linux at all...

that's all I wanted to say for my "defense" :)


On 9/16/05, acracia at riseup.net <acracia at riseup.net> wrote:
> Quoting clemos <cl3mos at gmail.com>:
> > ok, I understand :)
> > it's a pity, but since I can't move all the other stuff to Linux, I
> > won't use pd at all,
> >
> > but anyway, since I'm already half evil, let me go further to the dark side.
> >
> hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side instead!!
> in case you want to come back to PD, in r23.cc (not online today, i'm afraid..
> drupal-spamming stuff) we are using a lot of mp3cast~ mp3write~ oggcast~ and
> oggwrite~... running in linux...we can lend you a hand
> this thread remembers me a Frank Zappa saying:
> "If we cannot be free, at least we can be cheap"
> kisss

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