[PD] subpatcher commands

jmmmp jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Fri Sep 16 22:58:49 CEST 2005

> [; pd-timeline clear(
> but this just clears the subpatch without selecting all first. this  
> doesn't make your patch 'dirty' (no popup, when closing the mainpatch  
> with a 'menuclose 1'-msg).

that's not a problem, thanks.

> download http://dh7.free.fr/pd-msg/pd-msg_05.tar.gz for a more detailed  
> description of different internal msg.

uau, thanks a lot. I've asked the list about it some times already, but  
got always no reply. That's something that I can really use


(by the way, you replied directly to me. that's a problem - feature - with  
this list, it is necessary to watch out)

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