[PD] mp3cast~ (once again sorry)

Thoralf Schulze thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de
Sun Sep 18 01:37:42 CEST 2005

Alright guys,

what the f..k is going on here? This may sound stupid,
but I just came back from holiday, and it's really
frsutating to find such a thread on the pd mailing
list ...
I think that maxlib is still a valuable asset for pd,
and scaring olaf away like yves did is just bad style.
purde data itself is possibly as free as anything can
be, so if anyone is making a living out of patching or
hacking weird stuff for or with it, that's perfectly
fine with me. I have the choice to use this stuff or
not, depending on my personal reasons to use it or
not, whatever they may be. As of yet, I'm not using
pdp (altough I would like to use it) because I didn't
yet figure out how to get my midi controller to work
with linux.
There was at least one discussion on the gem-dev list
I remember that had the same rude tone as this thread.
pd is also the result of a collaborative work of
not-so-many indivuduals, and scaring away any of them
for merely ideological reasons (sorry yves) does more
harm to the idea of free software than ten
incarnations of Bill Gates himself ever could.

Hey, let's be nice together, okay?

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