[PD] ... M-audio and pd asio problem

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Sun Sep 18 20:43:00 CEST 2005

> I have a problem with my sound card, which is a m-audio firewire
> audiophile. I can't manage reaching a low latency in pure data : When
> I use shareware like fruity loops or Live Lite, the shareware
> automatically detects the buffer size i have specified in the control
> panel of the sound card and tells me what latency it gets, with a
> 256k buffer size i have a 5 ms latency (which is good for me).But in
> pure data, using the M-Audio FW Asio driver, as soon as I try putting
> a latency less than 60 ms, the test tone becomes very dirty, with a
> lot of discontinuities. I have tried a lot of combinations with
> -audiobuf -blocksize... but i simply don't manage to do it.
> If you have some ideas i would be very glad.

this is a known problem with pure data's portaudio interface. pd is not
able to run with low latencies on osx/windoze ... using jack / alsa the
situation is better.

the developer branch contains some changes in the scheduler that allows
pd to run with low latencies with portaudio. i'd suggest you give this
a try ... there are some binaries on sourceforge for windows ... no
0.39 binaries, though ...

cheers ... tim

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