[PD] ... M-audio and pd asio problem

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Mon Sep 19 01:45:37 CEST 2005

>   I put the pd-0.38-4-devel-2 version on my computer and i managed
> reaching a very low latency.
>   I'm now wondering about the stability of this pd version, do you
> think i can make live with this version? (i've already got some fatal
> errors...) And there is a thing that i don't understand : on my other

well, devel doesn't mean unstable ... there are parts that are more
stable in miller's branch and there are parts that are more stable in
since devel has some radical changes in the scheduler i can't promise
that it's bug-free, but personally, i trust devel more than i trust
if you can send me detailed descriptions about the errors that you
experience, i can try to figure out, if they are devel bugs and if so
try to fix them ...

> computer i have a terratec MT88 with asio drivers that perfectly
> works with pd 0.37.3 (i have a latency of 5ms on this computer). Do
> you know why?

i must admit, i haven't followed the pd development before 0.37,
especially not on windoze ...

> And a last question : when do you think this work on
> the portaudio and asio driver that have been down in this "devel pd"
> will be integrated in common pure data releases.

short answer: 

long answer: 
miller is very conservative in accepting changes to pd. and pd is
designed from scratch as a single-threaded application. all modern
audio apis (asio, jack, portaudio, possible also alsa and coreaudio)
are running a callback at the time of the audio hardware interrupt to
reduce latency. thus pd has to be changed from a single-threaded to a
multi-threaded program, which is not exactly a minor change...
thus i don't think that miller will ever accept these changes ...

cheers ... tim

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