[PD] OSX, low latency and JACK [WAS: ... M-audio and pd asio problem]

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Mon Sep 19 14:44:58 CEST 2005

Hi list!

Tim Blechmann wrote:
>> Can I infer from this statement that using JACK on OSX is a
>> low-latency option?
> it will probably give better latencies on osx than portaudio ... in
> miller's branch, although i'm not sure, if it's possible to compile
> pd/jack on osx... (iirc hans has been trying this ... didn't really
> follow this, though)
> in devel, it shouldn't be a big difference if you're running pd with
> the changed scheduler, that's computing dsp in the audio driver thread.

Can anyone currently using PD for low latency audio on OSX follow up on 

I'd like to know if anyone has done any "speed tests" between Linux with 
ALSA and with JACK compared to OSX with Portaudio and with JACK. How 
much latency should I expect to lose from my HDSP, for example, if I run 
the same patches I normally use under Linux/JACK on OSX/Portaudio or 

Also if anyone has had difficulty/success compiling PD with JACK support 
on OSX, either Main or Devel branch.

[Yes, BTW, I am thinking of getting a new computer! ;-)  ]


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