[PD] hidden files, fontsize

Kyle Klipowicz kyleklip at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 16:10:32 CEST 2005

I have all the respect in the world for OS development.  I guess I was
just a little frustrated with the recent mean-spirited nature coming
from some of the list discussions, especially regarding
implementations of FOSS on proprietary operating systems.

My snappy comment was out of place, and I apologize.  I was responding
to the vehemence of a previous thread, and it was childish to stoop to
that level of obstinance.

> if you are unhappy with the open source world, what are you doing here?
> or can it be that you yourself are also unable to "throw together such a
> simple item"? are you using open source because you cant afford commercial
> apps, besides grabbing them from donkey/mule? i mean, whats your reason to
> complain, if os and its "zealots" are so bad, but you are still using it?

Nothing wrong with FOSS and people who are passionate about it.  If
passion wasn't the motivator, it wouldn't get done, since no one's
really getting paid for it.
> people like you make os developers think twice if they should release stuff to
> the public - it may be if use for the wrong minded ones ....
> chris

It's "people like me" who like to see good innovation on all
platforms, if only to draw more attention to the FOSS movement! 
Again, I was inappropriately responding to a previously inappropriate
mood regarding developing/supporting on a proprietary OS.

I guess I thought that by using childish manipulation techniques, it
would stir some egos enough to act on a heretofor unanswered question.
 It got a reaction alright!

I hope y'all can forgive my hot head.


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