[PD] hidden files, fontsize

dmotd dmotd at gmx.net
Mon Sep 19 19:04:34 CEST 2005

Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Sep 2005, Tim Blechmann wrote:
> > > I have repeatedly asked for this, since I am not very *NIX saavy. 
> > > Apparently no one else on the list is either!  I find it funny that
> > > for having such vehement anti-commercial OS zealots on the list, no
> > > one has the skills to throw together such a simple item...unless they
> > > are too busy with important things like bickering against commercial
> > > software to help a few neophytes out.
> > feel free to implement these features yourself. 
> The file dialog is Tk's built-in one and i don't think you can change much 
> in it.

from comp.lang.tcl.. courtesy of 2mins in google groups.. 
TOPIC: tk_getOpenFile (Unix) and hidden directories

: Hi there,
: looks like tk_getOpenFile is not able to hide hidden directories in unix, is
: this a desired behaviour?
: I would need to hide them in my application, does this mean that I need to
: hack the tk_getOpenFile code?

It is quite easy to hack tk_getOpenFile code. It is in one tkfbox.tcl
file. You can distribute modified tkfbox.tcl with your application and
explicitely source it, thus preventing tcl to autoload original one.

It is much harder to push modifications into mainstream tcl



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