[PD] OSX, low latency and JACK

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Wed Sep 21 15:21:36 CEST 2005

On Sep 21, 2005, at 9:01 AM, derek holzer wrote:

> OK, since nobody bit the last one... a simpler question: what would be 
> the best way to go to use PD with Jack on OSX?

You can use the nice GUI program found at http://www.jackosx.com/ 
perfect for n00bs and others.

On Sep 21, 2005, at 9:01 AM, derek holzer wrote:

> Compile Miller's, compile Devel or use one of the installers (and if 
> so which?)

The only catch is that it only works with Pd version 0.37 (That runs in 
Terminal + Wish!) or as one user put it "an older version". Thus I have 
been using 0.39 devel and 0.37 concurrently specifically for this 
reason you mention. The Digidesign hardware doesn't work for some 
reason with the new versions of Pd?? It shows up but there is no 
output. Maybe it was a change in the CoreAudio driver or something.

Although in reference to the CoreAudio driver, I've had a little 
success with the method of first launch the manager (Digi CoreAudio 
Manager), change settings then launch clients. It seems for some reason 
settings are disabled once a client is connected (??)


> From an OSX n00b ;-)
> d.
> derek holzer wrote:
>> Hi list!
>> Tim Blechmann wrote:
>>>> Can I infer from this statement that using JACK on OSX is a
>>>> low-latency option?
>>> it will probably give better latencies on osx than portaudio ... in
>>> miller's branch, although i'm not sure, if it's possible to compile
>>> pd/jack on osx... (iirc hans has been trying this ... didn't really
>>> follow this, though)
>>> in devel, it shouldn't be a big difference if you're running pd with
>>> the changed scheduler, that's computing dsp in the audio driver 
>>> thread.
>> Can anyone currently using PD for low latency audio on OSX follow up 
>> on this?
>> I'd like to know if anyone has done any "speed tests" between Linux 
>> with ALSA and with JACK compared to OSX with Portaudio and with JACK. 
>> How much latency should I expect to lose from my HDSP, for example, 
>> if I run the same patches I normally use under Linux/JACK on 
>> OSX/Portaudio or OSX/JACK?
>> Also if anyone has had difficulty/success compiling PD with JACK 
>> support on OSX, either Main or Devel branch.
>> [Yes, BTW, I am thinking of getting a new computer! ;-)  ]
>> thx,
>> derek
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