[PD] OSCprepend to message; input to sendOSC?

Urs Liska pd at ursliska.de
Wed Sep 21 15:55:04 CEST 2005


I am trying to get an OSC connection working but have problems with the 
input [sendOSC] is expecting.
OSC is running, I have connected [sendOSC] and [dumpOSC] in two patches 
successfully and also have sent messages that I write into message boxes.

But in the actual patch I cant use message boxes like
[send /OSC/namespace/etc $1( or similar but get messages from [OSCroute]
modules or Frank Barknecht's [OSCprepend] abstraction
that look like [/OSC/namespace/etc 12.5(

If I put a [send $1( before the [sendOSC], only the 12.5 is sent.

If I connect it directly I get the error "no method for '/OSC...'".

So how can I process the output of a [OSCroute] to be sent by [sendOSC]?

It seems like something stupid but I can't find the solution.

Thanks for any hints

Urs Liska
Glümerstr. 5
D-79102 Freiburg


[Pd 0.39.0, WinXP]

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