[PD] OSCprepend to message; input to sendOSC?

Urs Liska pd at ursliska.de
Wed Sep 21 17:17:32 CEST 2005

No, unfortunately not.
[/OSC/namespace/test 12] (OSCroute)
[send $1 $2(

'error: $2: argument number out of range;
print: send 12 0'

If I use only $1 it just gives me
'print: send 12'

What I need to have (to be able to send the message with [sendOSC]) is
'print: send /OSC/namespace/test 12'

The problem seems to be that I don't really know about the datatype 
getting out of [OSCroute]. Looking at the [OSCprepend] abstraction 
(posted on this list on Sept 10) it seems to be some kind of list, but I 
don't understand this really.

Thanks for the help Chris.

Any more ideas anybody?

CK schrieb:
> I read:
>>If I put a [send $1( before the [sendOSC], only the 12.5 is sent.
> I'm not sure if I understood your problem correctly but might
> [send $1 $2 ( do the what you want ?
> x

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