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liquidtree at gmail.com wrote:

> 1)The best tutorials to begin with?

The included documentation, espc the GEM documentation if that's what 
your interested in... Then Miller's book, if audio is your thing:


There's a GEM tutorial and manual here, but I'm not sure how current 
either doc is:


Also, if you didn't get the updated documentation in your installation 
of PD, the you should really check out the Pure Data Documentation 
Project (PDDP) files. If you got Miller's installer, then you didn't get 
this probably, but if you ised one of HC Steiner's installers you 
probably did...


> 2)What's the official PD site? There seem to be different mirrors....

It's a community-developed project, so there are lots of different 
places where stuff happens. They aren't mirrors, just different aspects 
of a large, diverse and sometimes differring group of people ;-) Main 
stuff are the mailing list [here], and these:


There's a lot of good links here as well:


And of course HC Steiner's alternative installers:


> 3)How do i align PD objects on the window?

In "Edit Mode", select objects and use the arrow keys to move them 
around. Use Shift+arrow to move in bigger steps. Much easier than with 
the mouse. You can also Select a group of objects and use the "Tidy Up" 
function under "Edit", but this is pretty unpredictable and seldom used.

> 4)Is it possible to connect PD/GEM with Supercollider? 

I would suggest using OSC as the bridge in this case, although there are 
some projects to include SuperCollider classes in PD as objects.

good luck!

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