[PD] [gem] rotate a text

Max Neupert abonnements at revolwear.com
Mon Sep 26 11:48:36 CEST 2005

right. there is a problem. neither [rotate] nor [rotateXYZ] work -  
but [translate] does. very strange.
i have used only text3d or textextruded so far.

maybe that's what the helpfile to text2d is meaning with (Quote:)

[text2d] renders one line of a text with the current color, but  
without(!) 3D-transformation

although a rotation is not really a 3d transformation...

so what about the pivot function of your graphics card, this might  
solve it for you...

viel glück.

Am 26.09.2005 um 11:33 schrieb Georg Holzmann:

> Hallo!
>> i can't see why there should be a problem. could you send an example?
> attached - but I just noticed, that this is a problem of [text2d],  
> with [text3d] it is working ... but [text3d] has no anit-aliasing  
> stuff ... mabe I such simply add this to [text3d] ...
> LG
> Georg

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