[PD] [gem] rotate a text

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Sep 26 11:58:19 CEST 2005

Georg Holzmann wrote:
> Hallo!
>> i can't see why there should be a problem. could you send an example?
> attached - but I just noticed, that this is a problem of [text2d], with 
> [text3d] it is working ... but [text3d] has no anit-aliasing stuff ... 
> mabe I such simply add this to [text3d] ...

no it's not that simple, since anti-aliasing is an option to the rasterizer.

[text2d] uses bitmapped/pixmapped fonts: the rasterizer is basically 
within the text2d-object, therefore you can anti-alias the font in 
there. otoh, a lot of opengl-manipulations (like rotate, translateZ) 
will not work because of this.

[text3d] converts the fonts into polygons, which can be manipulated like 
anything else. however, there is no point in doing "anti-aliasing" as 
long as you are in the vector-domain.

you have 2 options:
1) enable anti-aliasing for the entire screen (FSAA)
2) use [polygon_smooth] before [text3d] to enable a kind of 
anti-aliasing for just that object.


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