[PD] Shape Sequencer v1.2

poil poil at apfrod.com
Mon Sep 26 16:03:02 CEST 2005


I recently released my Shape Sequencer v1.2, a complete performance patch  
for up to four players using PS2 joypads.
You can get it from:

If you're near Sheffield, it's currently installed at the Showroom Cinema  
until 7th October.

Each player gets four synths each with four tables that record the  
movements of the four axes on dual-analogue PS2 joypads. These tables loop  
controller messages to the synths.

The main technical problem that still bugs me about it is all the clicks  
 from the synths. I tried using pmpd to smooth out some of the sudden  
controller message jumps but I couldn't work out how to stop lias getting  
stuck in chaotic motion, plus having some high processor-use issues. Any  

If you want to play but don't have joypads then you could find the  
relevant subpatch and just draw on the tables. They're in singlesequence.pd



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