[PD] reverb and multichannels

Piotr Majdak piotr at majdak.com
Tue Sep 27 23:30:15 CEST 2005

Oded Ben-Tal wrote:
> One way of looking at it is a kind of [route~] i.e. sending signal to 
> different output channels according to a control mechanism. 

I think the hint of derek was the right one:

- Get a signal from channel #5:

[adc~ 5]
[send~ mysig]

- Process for channel #1:

[receive~ mysig]
[pd process_ch1]
[dac 1]

- Process for channel #2:

[receive~ mysig]
[pd process_ch2]
[dac 2]

and so on for all channels you have...

> A silly example can be taking an input sound modifying it and than 
> rotating it to different channels (suppose the input consists of descrete 
> attacks than I can send each note to different channel more or less). 
> I hope it is a little clearer.

You can solve it with the structure above. Switching between channels, 
don't forget to cross fade the signals to avoid clicks...

br, Piotr

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