[PD] GridFlow documentation fundraising.

David Plans Casal main at davidcasal.com
Thu Sep 29 17:34:15 CEST 2005

Hello everybody,

It took a while to set up, but we're now running a fund-raising 
campaign for GridFlow documentation efforts.

GridFlow is a multidimensional dataflow processing library intended for 
interactive video/sound art. You can use it within PureData 
(http://puredata.info , an Open Source alternative to Max/MSP) or Ruby 
itself, on Linux, OSX and Windows.

This fundraising campaign aims to enable Mathieu Bouchard, the creator 
of GridFlow, and associates if relevant, to write a workshop-style book 
and better documentation for GridFlow classes.

We believe GridFlow is extremely powerful, in that it allows a user to 
create a Puredata object without having to learn C, in a language 
designed for creative productivity.

Using GridFlow, it is possible to write a functional PD object in a 
couple of lines of clearly understandable Ruby, a programming language 
extremely well suited to beginners, but powerful enough for programming 

However, currently, the documentation is not thorough enough to help 
people get started as well as it could.

Imagine the power of your own Puredata objects without the C/C++ 
situps, and donate to help us achieve a textbook for newcomers to both 
puredata and interactive art programming!

Matthieu Bouchard does not currently have a way to handle online 
donations, so I will be managing donations through a secure PayPal 

To learn more about GridFlow, why it is the bee's knees, and how to 
donate, see here:


Thanks for reading,


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