[PD] [OT] Darwinports vs Fink vs GentooOSX vs ???

Zachary Crockett z.crockett at usa.net
Thu Sep 29 19:21:06 CEST 2005

>>> Which system of *Nix ports for OSX have people been most successful
>>> with? I mean for getting all the dependencies down to install more
>>> audio/multimedia stuff on top of.
>>> Darwinports looks OK for basic libs, Fink seems really messy but
>>> maybe more complete, and OSXGentoo is more of a proof-of-concept  
>>> than
>>> something usable as far as I can see. Suggestions in this  
>>> department.
>> ...fink is what I've used for the last 4 years...I've had no
>> "show-stopper" problems, just make sure you're grabbing from
>> cvs/rsync...it also installs both dylibs and statics, and dylibs will
>> be linked against before statics (unless you make things explicit),
>> but this is only meaningful if you are looking into portability
>> between machines...
> Yeah, fink works well for me too.  I am a big Debian fan, so its nice
> to have the same system on OSX too.
> .hc

I think your descriptions above are about as concise and accurate a  
description as you can get.  I primarily use darwinports...  I have  
fink installed too, but of the 50-ish packages I've installed, I  
think 2 of them are from fink and both might have since been added to  

I recently built ardour ( http://ardour.org/ ), which was a bit of an  
ordeal, but as a point of reference, I don't think I had to get  
anything from fink to do it -- all from darwinports or just  
downloading from sourceforge.  I mainly have fink installed because I  
know about it before I knew about darwinports.


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