Fwd: [PD] GEM failure glDeleteProgramsNV

Christian Veit fanfare at gmx.at
Thu Sep 29 22:22:32 CEST 2005

> > Can anyone give me a hint? (i'am new to linux,pd and gem)
> ./configure --disable-openGL
> (if you don't need the openGL wrappers, as usual ...)
ok, i don't need the openGL wrappers that's right, i've tried it but there
is the same error message undefined Symbol glDeleteProgramsNV. The strange
thing is that i have had compiled a running version of gem, but after a
kernel change this message occured... The problem was that openGL was
rendering on my CPU instead of my graphic card so a friend changed the
kernel to 2.6.10-5-686, now openGL rendering on GPU is working... could
there be a problem? When i had tried to compile Gem the first time (on the
old 2.6.10 kernel) i also got this error message but then i've installed the
imagemagick library and then it worked...


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