[PD] CarnivorePE and Pure Data

Owen Cartwright owencartwright at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 19:59:24 CET 2005

hello list,
 I was wondering if anyone has attempted, or knows of anyone who has made a
CarnivorePE client (http://rhizome.org/carnivore/) using PD? I have done
very much googling and list searching but with no luck...
 The patch seems simple enough: CarnivorePE sends out its data on port
localhost 6667, so in PD a 'netreceive' object with this same port should
receive the data, correct? But it does not. I am not very familiar with
networking in pd, or how the 'netreceive' and 'netsend' objects function
specifically, and I can't seem to figure out to make the patch work. Any and
all help or information would be greatly appreciated.
 many many thanks,
owen cartwright
 p.s. telneting to port 6667 works (prints carnivore's data to the screen),
can't pd do this too?
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