[PD] CarnivorePE and Pure Data

David NG McCallum d at mentalfloss.ca
Tue Nov 1 20:19:12 CET 2005


Carnivore doesn't send data out on 6667, you have to connect to it as a
client. Netreceive is a passive object that receives data in on a port,
but just creating a netreceive doesn't tell carnivore that you want to
receive information.

I think you might want to look for the [netclient] object, which I think
is in Zexy, or maxlib, or maybe another library, I can't remember.

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Owen Cartwright wrote:
> hello list,
> I was wondering if anyone has attempted, or knows of anyone who has made
> a CarnivorePE client (http://rhizome.org/carnivore/) using PD? I have
> done very much googling and list searching but with no luck... 
> The patch seems simple enough: CarnivorePE sends out its data on port
> localhost  6667, so in PD a 'netreceive' object with this same port
> should receive the data, correct? But it does not. I am not very
> familiar with networking in pd, or how the 'netreceive' and
> 'netsend' objects function specifically, and I can't seem to figure out
> to make the patch work. Any and all help or information would be greatly
> appreciated.
> many many thanks,
> owen cartwright
> p.s. telneting to port 6667 works (prints carnivore's data to the
> screen), can't pd do this too?
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