[PD] vline_exp~ external (?) + poll

federico xaero at inwind.it
Tue Nov 1 21:02:16 CET 2005

vline~ is really good for building signal envelopes.
however it is not possible to generate logaritmic/exponential ramps.

does actually exists an external that does it?



btw, i made a patch (mainly for practice with pure-data) which does 
this, but it does statically in an array (it seems there aren't 
exp~/log~ too) so it is not very handy.
if you want see, get the patch at http://xaero.ath.cx/cms/144.html and 
launch it. use both vsliders on the right do define start and end value 
of the ramp, and both hradios (the smaller ones) to select a portion of 
the array, hit draw! and you have just rendered a piece of ramp. use the 
function_param slider to see what i need ;)

i think a "signal shaper patch" patch (that i could write in the next 
hours) would do the dirty job....the use a look-up table and 
pre-calculate the function does part of the job.
but would be nice to have the ability to do:

| 1, 0 500 0 log 0.7, 1 1500 500 exp 1.3, 0 250 2000 (


which of these option would be better?
a) write that patch, use the classic vline and 10+ signal shapers?
b) write a brand-new external (this implies some study of signal(tilde) 
c) hack the vline~ object

does someone is interested in this "project"?


[*] a note about this patch: the patch uses some quite usual concepts 
related to sequence editing, such as selecting ranges, and selecting 
value pairs. maybe do exist some more appropriate objects to interface 
the user with?

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