[PD] something like this ....

Matthew Williams mwilliams994 at nc.rr.com
Tue Nov 1 23:02:53 CET 2005

how difficult would it be to build something like this in pd:


I'm still going over tutorials but it seems to me like it wouldn't be 
to hard... Maybe not  as diverse and with less bells and whistles.   
and of couse it wouldn't look as "cool".  But i'd like to get to a 
point where i could create stuff like this.  The "rockafella" patch in 
the tutorials is a good example.  Something where you define buffer 
sizes and play them back at different speeds ... or randomly.  From 
what i understand i could do this by randomizing the tableread object,  
or whatever object reads the buffer audio.  Also it's be nice to 
reverse different chunks, loop snippets of buffer audio,  delay,  gate, 
  flange,  shuffle etc..  And ofcouse all this would need to be done in 
real time,  and control parameters via midi.  Also it'd be nice to do 
this sort of thing to midi sequences ,  although audio seems like it's 
a little easier to manipulate so i guess i should start there.

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