Video Librarys (Was: [PD] [Newbie] Hello…)

Max Neupert abonnements at
Thu Nov 3 16:18:05 CET 2005

Am 03.11.2005 um 09:48 schrieb Paul Sellis:

> Hi everybody !
> I'm new to the list, and I am new to Pure Data too…
> So I am afraid to ask you very naive questions.

that's the place to ask those questions, no excuses.
nevertheless it's expected that you have read the documentation...
And put the subject of your question in the Subject of the email.

> I'd like to create patches to interact with videos in performances  
> on stage (a realtime multistream composited image), and I am  
> wondering what could be the best tool…
> On Macintosh Max/MSP or Pure Data seem to be the more powerfull  
> softwares to manage that.
> Because Pure Data is free, I'd prefer to learn it, but could you  
> tell me please if :
> - Pure Data is "more powerfull" than Max/MSP for video ?
you can't ask this question like this.
you rather could compare Gem and Jitter...

> - Do I have to install extra libraries or extensions tu Pure Data  
> to manage videos, stage lights, captors, etc… A full set to  
> download somewhere ?

yes. PD (and MAX/MSP too) are music softwares at their heart but can  
be extended to manage more than that.

there are several “externals” (what you've called extra libraries) to  
manipulate image with PD:

 > >

which one you use depends on your system and off-cause what you want  
to achieve..


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