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Piotr Majdak piotr at majdak.com
Thu Nov 3 18:10:48 CET 2005


IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> as long as pd is handling messages, it cannot calculate audio.
> how long the message handling takes, depends on what it does.
> if you object outputs 10 floats in a loop and nothing is connected to 
> it, you are unlikely to notice.
> however, if each of these floats triggers a 65000-sample fft (e.g. of a 
> table) and sends the result of these as an email to the nearest spyware 
> blaster, you are likely to get into troubles.

Do I understand it correctly:
- calling outlet_float(), a depth-first handling of all objects attached 
to this outlet is triggered?

If yes, what must be guarrantied to avoid clicks:
- the handling of _this_ message must be completed within one sample 
block or
- the handling of _all_ messages of _this_ external must be completed 
within one sample block or
- tha handling of _all_ messages of _all_ objects in pd must be 
completed within one sample block?

If you tell me which of these statements is correct, I'm able to 
estimate the maximal number of messages for my machine.

> the simplest thing you can do is try it out, how many calcs you can do 
> in a row without clicks.

My patch contains many modules which can be triggered asynchronous and 
sometimes my pd freezes (see another thread). Thus, the try and error 
method didn't help, up to now :-( Now, I'm trying to estimate the 
possible error sources...

> and of course, there is the option of using a separate thread for the 
> message handling (if using pd-devel is an option)

What is the difference between the pd-devel and the 0.39.1? Is there a 
readme/howto I could read before trying the pd-devel version?

br, Piotr

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