[PD] [netpd] everybody is invited to join the collaborative music-project

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Fri Nov 4 14:49:53 CET 2005

Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at eds.org> wrote:
> How are you grabbing/managing the control data?
> .hc

a few abstractions come with netpd, that make it easy to broadcast
different types of data (floats, symbols, list).some of them are
created especially for certain guis, so it's very easy to snychronize
slider for example or an array. all abstractions send their data to
chat.pd, that sends it to the server. theoretically - in order to
convert an existing patch into a netpd-patch - it should be possible to
insert the appropriate netpd-abstraction after the gui, that you want
to synchronize. in practice it is often a little more complicated, it
depends on the patch. a simple synth-patch should be very easy to



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